Pro One Sports Management is an industry leader in international basketball and the only premier agency headquartered in the United States with an American agent based in Europe to guide our day to day operations internationally. Our experience, knowledge and relationships allow us to place players with the top-level teams in Europe, Asia, South America, and anywhere else basketball is played professionally across the globe.

While marketing our players to the top-level teams in every country, we evaluate each offer on an individual basis to determine the best fit for the player both on and off the court. Playing basketball internationally can be challenging for any player; language barriers, cultural differences, and playing style make it vastly important to be educated on the specific position a player is considering internationally. The direct approach we take in negotiating with teams, coupled with the elite level of talent and character that is represented by Pro One, has allowed us to have the strongest relationships at the international level due to the credibility we have developed with teams around the world because of our honesty, integrity and commitment from everyone involved with Pro One Sports.

Pro One Sports has chosen a philosophy where we understand that each individual client has their own unique needs and goals. The development of a strategic plan based on these needs and goals allows us to help players continue to grow their games and achieve the highest levels of compensation internationally. Furthermore, with the expansion of basketball at a high level globally, playing professionally overseas can be a tremendous opportunity and critical step towards your goal of playing in the NBA. Pro One stays in constant contact with you our extensive network of influential contacts in the NBA throughout the year to guarantee our players are followed closely during the season in an effort to secure potential guaranteed NBA contracts, training camp, and summer league/workout opportunities.

Over the past three years, Pro One Sports has negotiated over $45 MILLION in guaranteed contracts for our players internationally. Pro One clients are found year after year in the top domestic league in Europe, including Spain, Italy, Germany, France and many more. In addition, our players have a strong presence in the top European championships such as Euroleague, Euro Cup, EuroChallenge Cup, Adriatic League and VTB League.